Tony Carlson: Blog en-us (C) Tony Carlson (Tony Carlson) Tue, 06 Mar 2018 02:46:00 GMT Tue, 06 Mar 2018 02:46:00 GMT Tony Carlson: Blog 120 96 I Learned Something This Day My family took a short day trip to Lula Lake Land Trust. It was a beautiful day, and as I love capturing waterfalls, I looked forward to creating the silky look that gives the scene that tranquil feel. As a result, I made all the wrong decisions this day. Two important elements I ignored: intense, midday sunlight, and the sheer volume and power of the water.

Too clarify, I didn't really ignore the lighting. I so wanted the milky look, I brought the ISO all the way down to 100, closed up the aperture to f/22. Still, the resulting shutter speed wasn't slow enough for proper exposure. The end result, if you look closely, is an image that is blurry due to diffraction caused by such a small opening; and the water itself looks more blurry (out of focus), rather than milky, simply because the shutter wasn't slow enough. I tried to make the camera do something the lighting wouldn't allow (outside of using ND filters, which I don't have).

Hindsight 20/20, with the sheer volume of water, I should have adjusted the camera settings to stop the motion of the water. This would have given a better sense of the awesomeness and power of the water. Lula FallsAn example of making all the wrong camera settings Lula FallsAn example of doing all the wrong camera settings

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Thank you Cloudland Canyon & Canyon Grill Back in 2013 I entered and was the lucky winner of a photo contest for Cloudland Canyon State Park. I finally took advantage of the two nights in their Yurts and the gift certificates for Canyon Grill. Below is the picture that was chosen:

Cherokee Falls, Cloudland Canyon State ParkTaken in 2013

Taken the same year is this photo of the "third falls" which has become the most viewed/visited photo as of yet in my gallery.

The "third falls" at Cloudland CanyonTaken in 2013

The below set are photos I took while staying in the Yurts. I'm sharing them on this special blog post as my way of saying thank you to Cloudland Canyon State Park and the Canyon Grill. (these and a few others can also be viewed in the 2015Nature Gallery)

Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Cherokee Falls, Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonCherokee Falls, Daniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonDaniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon Cloudland CanyonCloudland Canyon Cherokee Falls, Daniels Creek, Cloudland CanyonCherokee Falls, Daniels Creek, Cloudland Canyon




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Seeing Some Improvement It's been almost a year since my last post. I've really been in a photography rut. Most of the reasons can be found in this article Other reasons include: being a parent and full time teacher/coach. Well enough complaining - 

Recently, I've taken some shots that show improvement in composition and post production. I am excited and hope it continues. The attached pictures are a couple examples and more can be found in my 2015 Nature and Flower galleries. Hercules Beetle (female)largest species in the U.S.



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Germany View from Wernigerode's CastleView from Wernigerode's Castle

I had the great honor/pleasure of being asked to travel with some students to Germany as part of an exchange program from May 25 to June 15, 2014. The host school is located in Wernigerode. It is a small town nestled in the Harz Mountains. Though school was priority we did some side trips to Berlin, Leipzig, Wolfsburg and other small places. One host family took me on a weekend retreat, while another took me to Dresden. As far a photography goes, it was not a luxury photo tour vacation. I was there as a chaperone/teacher first. As such I was on a schedule with a group so setting up for the perfect angle under perfect light was not an option. There were a few short moments I got to breakaway  (in Wernigerode and Dresden) but most everything was done on the move. Looking back I learned some things, and in hind sight wonder why I didn't do certain things, but in the end I am pleased and, in some cases, surprised with the results. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

P.S. I have organized the pictures three ways, as Favorites, by Location, and by Date/Day (which includes a lot more student/group photos)

P.S.S. My primary lens was my EF-S 18-55 Kit Lens, as it was small, light, and cheap (in case it got lost or stolen). I did lug around my EF-S 55-250 Kit Lens as well but only took a couple of pictures with it as it was just too inconvenient to keep switching lens all the time. (I really do want the Canon EF-S  15-85 as a multipurpose walk around lens but cannot afford it right now. It would have served all my needs in one lens for this trip)

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One other piece of equipment I can't believe I forgot to list my favorite "side kick." When ever I don't have my camera with me or if i want to do a test shot I rely on my iPhone Hipstamatic. Hipstamatic is an app that allows you choose various lenses and films to create nice photo effects. The trick is choosing the right combination for the right moment. Here are some examples: iPhone HipstamaticTaken with iPhone Hipstamatic iPhone HipstamaticTaken with iPhone Hipstamatic

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Deep into 2014 already Well it's deep into 2014 and my first exciting news is having a winning photo in a contest for Cloudland Canyon State Park. It was taken with my 18-55 EF-S kit lens.

Winning PhotoThis is the winning photo for the Cloudland Canyon State Park annual photo contest.


I have also had the great privilege over the past couple of years of having more students ask me to do their Senior Portraits. It gives me great joy to practice portraits while giving them lasting memories.



My current equipment (as of this post) is:

Camera: Canon 7D

Lenses: 18-55 EF-S (kit), 55-250 EF-S (kit), 28-135 EF, 100mm 2.8 Macro, 50mm 1.8, 40mm 2.8 "pancake", 100-400 EF L series (borrowed)

Post Processing: Apple Aperture (for most all work) , Photoshop Elements (minimal use)

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Going RAW I decided in 2013 I would shoot in RAW. Yes, yes it does make a difference. What is noticeable is clarity and color control. Even with my 18-55mm "kit" lens, I am able to sharpen the image so much more. Why I resisted using RAW for so long I cannot explain.

Sunsetat Grayton Beach


Now I need to work on doing better at framing, capturing the moment, ascetics, artistic value... and less FB type pictures

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My new Canon 7D I am so excited to expand my equipment. I have upgraded from a Rebel XSi to a new higher resolution and more powerful Canon 7D. My first project was capturing images of the Battle of Tunnel Hill Civil War Reenactment on Sept 8, 2012. Immediate increase in resolution quality is noticeable. I also have to give thanks to my neighbors, Brian & Kim who have graciously let me borrow their Canon 100-400mm EF L-series lens. This allowed me to capture scenes  of the reenactment I otherwise could not get.

Battle of Tunnel HillFirst use of my Canon 7D

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In addition... In addition:

My camera was a wonderful gift from my wife and I couldn't be more thankful. It came with two ("kit") lenses: 18-55 and a 55-250. All pictures taken in 2010 and 2011 were done with the original lenses.

I have learned that 99% of a great photo has nothing to do with the lens or editing. Photography is more about framing the image, background, lighting, and camera settings - all of which have to come together just right to make a good image. THIS is the biggest thing I am learning.

As always, comments, tips, and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for visiting

Cumberland IslandCumberland IslandA favorite from 2010


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